Cat Pages - Past, Present (and future)

Cats Past

Muffin - July, 1983 - August 2, 2002

The first picture is from early 1984, showing Muffin on the left, and his sister Biscuit on the right.

The second picture is from January 2002, showing Muffin as 'the old man'.

Muffin and Gaia, sharing Muff's pad . (She took it over as her own after he died.) Gaia is the "feral" mom-cat to Akela and Grey Brother.

How to tell if you have made a good impulse purchase . Top cave has Akela (one of my grey boys, sons of Gaia - see above). Bottom cave has Teo.

Cats Present

Amelia as Halloween Kitty!

Photo from May, 2003 - the 2002 addition to the family, a feral kitten who I was supposed to foster two weeks at the end of September, 2002. She bit me - and wound up staying! Morrigan .

Finally - someone is used the hammock Hammock Kitten

Aftermath of a catnip party

Proof that there is a small leopard in the house. A small but determined house leopard - feather dusters are the best prey, of course!